MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. (January 26, 2021) – Enerpac introduces new split-flow manifolds that offer improved safety, precision, and control in multi-point lifting operations. The Enerpac SFM-Series split-flow manifolds splits the flow of a pump into up to four lines with a difference accuracy below 10%.

Multi-point lifting operations are delicate as cylinders with less load move faster than the cylinders with more load, resulting in an unbalanced lift. The SFM-Series split-flow manifold automates the lifting and lowering operation with a reasonable accuracy. By using pressure-compensated flow valves, the oil flow directed to each cylinder can be controlled regardless of the load on the cylinder.

The new split-flow manifolds from Enerpac are easy to use no matter the skill level of the operator. By turning all the knobs to the same position, the cylinders will advance equally within a 10% difference. This significantly reduces the monitoring needed by the operator, reducing the training period for operators while improving safety. The built-in pressure gauges provide information about the load on each cylinder.

The SFM-Series split-flow manifolds plug the gap between simple manifolds and split-flow pump systems. They provide easier and more accurate control for multiple lifting points without the need to invest in more costly split-flow pump systems.

Features include:

  • SFM split-flow manifolds improve safety, precision and control in lifting and lowering operations
  • Pressure gauge, flow control valve and couplers in each outlet port
  • Regulates both advance and retract speeds: lifting and lowering
  • Maximum of 4 cylinders per manifold:
    • SFM41 for single-acting cylinders
    • SFM42 for double-acting cylinders
  • Minimum oil flow of the pump: 50 in3/min (0,82 l/min) to deliver 9.1 in3/min (0,15 l/min) per cylinder
  • Maximum difference among outlets: 10% of the stroke for pressure differences within 300 bar
  • More cylinders can be controlled simultaneously by connecting several SFM models

To learn more about the latest Enerpac tools, visit the Enerpac Innovations page on our website.

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