Promoting Environmental Sustainability

Our commitment to energy efficiency and reduced environmental impacts is embraced by our employees and evident in the products and services we provide..  

We are committed to running efficient operations that minimize our impact on the environment. All of our facilities and 2,000 plus employees embrace continuous improvement as part of our culture of pursuing efficiencies and delivering cost-effective products for our customers. 

Designing for Sustainability

Energy efficiency is embedded in our New Product Development (NPD) philosophy and practices. Our Centers of Excellence challenge themselves  to regularly deliver innovative solutions tailored to the exacting demands of our customers for more energy efficient, electric and sustainable products. Our NPD revenue was 12% in fiscal 2021.

 Supporting the shift to renewable energy

The global transition to cleaner energy has helped drive a shift in customer demand to renewable wind energy, and in response, we have developed specialized tools to build, maintain and decommission wind turbines quickly and efficiently. For example, our flange alignment tools assist with the alignment of wind turbines while they are being built.

Another example of how we are supporting alternative  energy sources is our first battery-powered HLT lifting beam designed for Vestas, the wind turbine manufacturer with the largest installed base of turbines globally. This beam will help customers tap stronger wind resources that exist at greater heights, by allowing the turbine housings to be lifted in multiple pieces and  reducing weight constraints on taller wind towers.  We will follow with a range of trolley systems that are also battery-powered, replacing previous diesel power-packs.

Other product innovations that reflect our commitment to energy efficiency and reduced environmental impacts include:

  • Battery powered cutters, pumps and other tools (replacing gas and gas generators)
  • Smart controls for reduced heat generation during pump operation
  • High efficiency brushless motors
  • Tools that shorten working time (leading to reduced power consumption)
  • Recyclable materials for new pump designs
  • Size and weight reductions on new designs (lowering material consumption)
  • Developing new circuit boards to be REACH and RoHS compliant

Our joint integrity services also contribute to worker safety and the protection of the environment by providing engineering consultancy and on-site quality assurance services to help our customers achieve leak-free plant and pipeline operations. As a leader in this field for several decades, we share our knowledge and expertise with the wider industry through our contributions to various committees and boards for different standard setting bodies, such as the ASME PCC-1 subcommittee, the IMechE Pressure Systems Group, the UK Oil & Gas Technology Group and the Energy Industries Council.  

Protecting the environment

We have implemented an environmental management system to monitor and manage the environmental impacts of our operations, ensure compliance with relevant regulations and continuously execute on opportunities to reduce waste. Our monthly executive-level Management Business Review monitors our environmental, health and safety performance and environmental compliance, with key performance indicators also reviewed regularly with our board of directors.  We verify performance through internal and external environmental audits. Since 2019, we have conducted environmental, health and safety audits at 10 of our main manufacturing locations, and aim to have completed all by the end of 2022; this process will be repeated every three years to ensure that we continually improve our energy efficiency. We have annual external audits conducted at our ISO 14001 certified locations.

In 2019, we rolled out a new global energy reporting program to measure electricity and natural gas consumption to establish a baseline of site- and company-level performance at the largest energy consuming locations and  implement energy-reduction programs such as lighting efficiency retrofits and other measures.


Our site-level operations managers are in charge of implementing environmental programs, establishing objectives and providing training to ensure safety and compliance at their facilities. All new employees receive site and job specific training, plus all employees receive on-going training annually. To stimulate continual improvements, all environmental incidents including spills and other releases are recorded in an online EHS management application.  Audit findings are recorded in the application and  include a robust root cause analysis and corrective and preventive action process for all non-conformances.  All environmental releases, non-conformances, enforcement actions and notice of violations  are reported to the senior and executive management teams. All issues are tracked and followed-up until resolved.


Promoting Environmental Sustainability

Employee Safety and Engagement