We are committed to acting with honesty and integrity in everything we do. We take the reputation of our products and our company seriously.

Commitment to Quality

Rigorous product quality, safety and reliability is a top priority at Enerpac as set out in our Quality Management System. All our global manufacturing facilities are certified to the ISO 9001 quality management standard. We implement our standards with thorough product and service quality, quality performance testing and manufacturing monitoring procedures.

Our quality program includes regular product testing and detailed monitoring of both manufacturing and customer reported issues. We measure and manage internal and external defect rates, with issues analyzed for root cause and corrective actions tracked to closure. Employees receive regular product safety training at our Enerpac Academy, which is also open to customers to attend.   

We are constantly focused on product safety and design our products using an Advanced Product Quality Planning process (APQP).  We utilize tools such as the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) to discover potential failures early in our design process. We follow this up with regular internal and external process audits to ensure our processes are performing to the expectations of our quality management system.    


Oversight and Compliance

Our Enerpac Code of Conduct and Anticorruption and Antibribery Policy, among other policies issued to ensure we work and act according to our corporate values,  establish a framework to consistently apply our high ethical standards to all global business relationships. We are committed to promoting a work environment and atmosphere that is conducive to individual and Company success and integrity.

Our management Executive Committee oversees our compliance, business ethics and incident reporting programs, with our legal and compliance functions providing leadership for implementation and enforcement activities. The Board provides additional and regular oversight through its Audit Committee.

We have implemented, and continuously strengthen,  reporting procedures, including a Compliance and Values Hotline administered by a third-party provider. The Hotline offers anonymous, cost-free, 24/7 reporting of any ethical concern in multiple languages. Contact information for the Hotline is broadly available to our employees and business partners, including through our Code of Conduct, company intranet, Supplier Code of Conduct and Hotline posters at all major company locations. All reported incidents are investigated until resolved and corrective actions are tracked. In 2019, the General Counsel’s office received and investigated eight concerns reported via various channels.

All full-time and part-time employees and directly compensated contractors participate in mandatory annual training on compliance topics addressed in the Code of Conduct. The Company’s training program is offered in several languages and requires completion of two compliance courses (as assigned by the legal department) every two months as part of an established three-year curriculum.

We seek to ensure our business partners also share our high standards and apply those standards through our Supplier Code of Conduct. The Supplier Code sets out our requirements for compliance with anti-corruption, health and safety, and anti-discrimination laws. It also requires compliance with a range of labor and employment matters, including minimum wage, maximum hours, and freedom of association requirements as well as prohibitions on child and forced labor.



Promoting Environmental Sustainability

Employee Safety and Engagement