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Changing the Way You Cut Chain

There’s a reason why chain is used almost everywhere. Its durability, high breaking force, and capacity to carry a load makes it the preferred option in a wide variety of applications. Where chain really shines is within the crane and hoist market—you’ll see it used...

Complex truss installation completed at MLB stadium

Today’s sports stadiums are more than just a place to go watch a baseball, football or soccer game. They are being designed as an experience center, a place where people can eat, drink, shop and enjoy a sporting event. The latest sports stadiums are architectural and...

Don’t let new rules disrupt safety training

Enerpac has moved its training sessions online so that responsible companies in construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, materials handling, mining, oil and gas, power generation, water, wastewater and other industries can still keep their safety knowledge up to...

Osprey Group and Enerpac Raising 1,400t Deck with 1.5m Inclination

An eight-point Enerpac Jack-Up System has enabled Osprey Group, a leading logistics and heavy lift specialist, to complete a bridge deck installation with one single movement. Even with a 1.5m inclined height difference at either end of the bridge deck, the Enerpac...

Boilers Removed by Enerpac Skidding

With the introduction of a new, greener heating system at Alderley Science Park in Cheshire, UK, it was important to retain the existing boiler house and remove the boilers intact for reuse elsewhere. Heavy lift specialist, Ritchie Services, relied upon an Enerpac...

Cheap, lookalike hydraulic cylinders give companies headaches

Global advanced industrial tools and services leader Enerpac says the NZ market is falling victim to cheap, lookalike hydraulic cylinders that are causing significant headaches when they fail in service. Enerpac New Zealand Hydraulic Specialist, Mr Neville Stuart,...


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