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Chicago bridge jack job

USA-headquartered heavy lift and rigging equipment rental and sales company Engineered Rigging used Enerpac strand jacks to complete a 96.3 meter span of the Cline Avenue Bridge over the Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal in East Chicago, USA. Deploying a customized cantilever segmental bridge lift platform with four strand jacks enabled Engineered Rigging to avoid the disruption of using a floating crane and complete the span without disrupting canal traffic.

Bolting Tools Important for Operation, Maintenance of Wind Turbines

There is a trend churning in the wind power industry; it involves upgrading wind turbines with newer, more powerful generation systems. Thanks to higher-capacity turbines and more efficient components, repowered turbines can produce up to 20% more energy annually. At a time when future tax credits for wind power are uncertain, choosing to repower fleets is an efficient way to increase wind energy productivity and help ensure maintenance costs don’t exceed profits.

Hydratight takes heat out of Industrial Complex maintenance shutdown

Portable Mirage milling machine technology ensured accurate metal-to-metal sealing for vessel covers and heat exchangers during maintenance work by specialty mechanical services company, Hydratight, at an industrial complex in Germany during the plant’s annual shutdown.

Press move for Laso

Heavy lift and transport specialist Laso Transportes from Portugal used an Enerpac telescopic hydraulic lifting gantry with a side shift system to position two presses weighing up to 160 tonnes. Using the Enerpac SBL500 with the side shift allowed the automotive...

Enerpac SyncHoist Provides Millimetre Lifting Accuracy for ITER project

Enerpac SyncHoist lifting systems are being used to assist in the assembly of the Vacuum Vessel for ITER, the world’s largest fusion experiment, in Southern France. The SyncHoist millimetre lifting accuracy is needed to lift 500 tonnes vacuum vessel sectors into an Up-Ending tool for vessel assembly by the ITER Sector Sub-Assembly Tool.

Teach Engineers to Understand the Business Case

...for metal additive manufacturing (AM) to help convince decision makers that investing in the technology will pay off quickly. Building a business case on the foundation of purchase-price variance will put teeth to more familiar concepts such as improved product...


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