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 Trivia Mafia is based in Minneapolis, and is committed to providing the best bar trivia – even in a world when we can barely gather in bars. Join us on Zoom for a fresh batch of enjoyably challenging questions about all kinds of topics, from patents to TV parents, lemmings to Lemonade. 


– Follow the Zoom link provided to start the game; you can join up to twenty minutes early and size up the competition. 

– You will be randomly assigned to a team of about 6 people, so start coming up with your team name suggestions now.

– Your team will have its own Breakout Room to discuss the questions after each round! Take notes when the questions are read.

– The host will go over the Rules, read a round of five questions, then open the rooms (you’ll see a prompt to Join your room at that time). 

– You’ll have five minutes to confer about the answers, and one person from your team will submit answers via a Google Form (provided during the Rules). 

– The game will be 5 rounds of questions and take about 1.5 hours, and you’ll see the team standings by the end. #braggingrights

– Prizes for 1st and 2nd place and best team name will be awarded on Friday at our awards ceremony (no need to be present)

– We hope you enjoy a good quiz with some great camaraderie!