Enerpac Tool Group has a rich legacy of providing products and services that routinely help our customers perform complex and often hazardous jobs safely, efficiently, and sustainably. This report details Enerpac Tool Group’s strategic commitments and management approach to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters. As we navigate an ever-evolving global landscape, we recognize the importance of transparency and accountability in addressing the ESG-related issues that matter most to all our stakeholders.


In this report you will find a detailed review of our ESG initiatives, reflecting our dedication to sustainability, social responsibility, diversity
and belonging, and ethical business practices. The insights shared here are the result of a comprehensive process that involved engaging key stakeholders and incorporating recognized ESG reporting frameworks and industry guidance. Moreover, in 2023 Enerpac Tool Group conducted an ESG audit with an outside partner, which yielded a clear set of key priorities for focus going forward.


We understand that success is not solely measured by financial performance, but also by our impact on the world and communities

around us. As we present this report, the first of its kind for our company, Enerpac Tool Group reaffirms our commitment to responsible business practices and invites you to explore the details of our ESG journey.


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