MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. (January 26, 2021) – Enerpac introduces new split-flow pump upgrade kits that provide the ability to network multiple pumps and coordinated lift points for higher accuracy synchronization. The new split-flow kits allow operators to combine units to accommodate up to 32 individual lifting points, greatly expanding the capabilities of heavy lifting and rental fleets with a minimum investment.

Split-flow pump kits allow multiple pumps to be networked together under one consolidated control unit to make a system as small or as large as you need it for a specific application. When more lift points are required, kits are available to interconnect up to four split-flow pumps creating a larger multipoint lifting network.

With existing smaller split-flow pumps, a user does not need to purchase a larger stand-alone unit as one can simply connect the existing pumps with a network kit. The upgrade kits are an inexpensive means of increasing the number of lift points for customers that already have split-flow pumps. With no permanent modifications to the pumps, they can always be used independently again as the application needs warrant.

In critical applications, accuracy to within 1mm can be achieved with synchronization upgrade kits. Split-flow pump kits can upgrade an existing system to provide a feedback loop via stroke sensors that results in a much more accurate solution. Pressure differential in systems with a large, centralized pump and different, longer hose lengths results in loss of accuracy and difficulty synchronizing movement between lift points. Split-flow pump kits allow pumps to be connected closer to the lifting points and synchronized resulting in shorter hose lengths and greater stroke accuracy, increasing safety in heavy multi-point lifts.

Three upgrade kits are available from Enerpac:

  • SFP Network Kit: Connects several split-flow pumps together to control them from a single control station, allowing the operator to increase the number of lifting points
  • Single SFP Synchro Kit: Synchronizes the lifting points of a single split-flow pump through use of feedback from stroke and pressure sensors
  • Multiple SFP Synchro Kit: Connects several split-flow pumps together and synchronize all the lifting points using stroke and pressure transducers

To learn more about the latest Enerpac tools, visit the Enerpac Innovations page on our website.

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