MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. (January 26, 2021) – Enerpac announces a simpler, more controlled solution to inspect engine turbine blades. As a commonly tested, approved and specified tool by both commercial and military engine OEMs, the Sweeney Digital Turning Tool (DTT) automates the rotation of turbine engines during borescope inspections. Now, aircraft engine MROs need only a single operator to execute the entire borescope inspection process, saving labor costs and improving efficiency. With a compact design and enhanced features, including the ability to wirelessly operate the tool, the DTT offers a mobile, reliable, and easy-to-use solution for all borescope inspection needs.

Reduces Manpower

The DTT greatly reduces manpower, which has the potential to save on labor costs when technicians are in short supply and engine MRO is in high demand. Compared with manual rotation, the DTT only requires one technician to perform the maintenance application. In the past, two technicians were required: one to manually handle the wrench and rotate engine blades and one to visually inspect the engine using the borescope. Reducing the number of operators also eliminates the chance of miscommunication and errors.

Easier to Use

For larger engines, maintenance is becoming a more physically demanding process. Compared to the old way of manually rotating with a wrench on the gearbox, the DTT requires no physical exertion. The engine can be easily rotated at the push of a button thanks to a sleek pendant that is available either wireless or corded. The DTT offers an adjustable torque limit up to 150 ft-lbs—the most torque available from any turning tool on the market. The motor is designed to fit all previous versions of Sweeney engine interface adaptors. Thanks to a more compact and lightweight tool and case, the DTT is also easier to transport, set up and use.

Other key features of the DTT design include blade tracking and flagging for quick review of any damaged blades, a continuously updated engine library that allows for use on most commercial and military engines in the market, updated electronics, better user interface, improved connections, and easy-to-update software.

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