Enerpac SCJ-100 Self-Locking Cube Jack Adds High Capacity Lifting: 100-ton Capacity With Automated Mechanical Locking for Faster and Safer Lifting

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. (June 1, 2020) The new Enerpac SCJ-100 model is the latest addition to the Self-Locking Cube Jack product series, offering a compact, 100-ton capacity portable hydraulic solution for incremental lifting and lowering of heavy loads. The Self-Locking Cube Jack uses a base lifting frame and self-aligning, lightweight steel cribbing blocks to provide high-capacity and stable lifting.

Steel cribbing blocks have several benefits over wood cribbing, including:

  • Lightweight steel design, <25kg, can be handled manually
  • Reduce manpower required: Two people do the same work as four people in a quarter of the time
  • Save time: 50% less cycles than climbing jacks
  • Offer a safer and controlled alternative to climbing jacks with wooden cribbing
  • Improve side load

“Our Enerpac SCJ-Series Cube Jacks provide users with a safe and efficient method of incremental lifting,” said Pete Crisci, Product Line Director – Heavy Lifting Technology at Enerpac, speaking about the series which also includes the 50-ton capacity SCJ-50 Cube Jack introduced last year. “The design results in cost savings in mobilization and manpower as well as cutting the overall time to perform a lift. Cube Jacks are mechanically locked and stable up to their maximum heights, ensuring safety for operators at all times.”

Steel cribbing blocks are only inserted once the load is mechanically locked on the cube jack. They are easily aligned in a single movement providing optimum safety, so the operator does not need to put hands beneath a load suspended by hydraulic pressure. The Cube Jack is derived from the proven Enerpac Jack-Up System, but in a vastly smaller footprint allowing it to be used in confined spaces and without the need for electrical controls. The compact size and portability of Self-Locking Cube Jacks offer a powerful solution for numerous applications, such as equipment maintenance, vehicle unloading or jacking a transformer, module, or bridge.

Up to eighteen 50-lbs (23 kg) steel cribbing blocks can be safely and easily stacked onto the SCJ-100 Cube Jack base frame yielding a maximum height of 118.3 inches (3006 mm). The base frame footprint measures just 25.8 in x 25 in (655mm x 636mm), making it ideal for restricted operating space. A low 22 in (558mm) minimum initial jacking height increases flexibility and reduces operational startup time.

Cube Jacks operate with up to 10,000 psi (700 bar) hydraulic pressure and are compatible with standard pumps, such as the Enerpac Split-Flow Pump that offers the ability to evenly operate multiple Cube Jacks.

The SCJ-100 Cube Jack comes with a storage frame to make tool maintenance and inventory management easier.

About Enerpac
Enerpac is a global market leader in high pressure hydraulic tools, controlled force products, portable machining, on-site services and solutions for precise positioning of heavy loads. As a leading innovator with a 110-year legacy, Enerpac has helped move and maintain some of the largest structures on earth. When safety and precision matters, elite professionals in industries such as aerospace, infrastructure, manufacturing, mining, oil & gas and power generation rely on Enerpac for quality tools, services and solutions. For more information, visit www.enerpac.com.

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