Gantry Lifting Unleashed – Enerpac Expands Lifting Capability

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. (May 8, 2020) – Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology has boosted the capabilities of its gantry range enabling heavy lift contractors to tackle more demanding projects within the space constraints common to industrial moves. New gantry accessories include increased side shift options, skid track end stops, header beam sling guides and a power distribution unit for simpler power connectivity.

Enerpac telescopic hydraulic gantries are a safe, efficient way to lift and position heavy loads in applications where traditional cranes will not fit and/or are too expensive to mobilize. Available in lifting capacities from 100T up to 1100T, the gantries provide accurate load positioning and are easy to mobilize and demobilize.

Side Shifting

Last year, modular electric powered, header beam side shift units were introduced for the entire Enerpac telescopic gantry range from the SL100 through SBL1100. This year, top swivel kits were added allowing additional header beams to be mounted on the top of side shift unit. This allows crossbeams to be installed for more complex lifting arrangements.

The Enerpac powered side shift can also be used on other manufacturer’s gantry systems and fixed beam lifting and hoist systems by using a stand-alone electrical panel with 25m corded pendant control and optional side shift cable reels.

Among the new gantry accessories, also included are skid track end stops to prevent over travel of the gantry legs, engineered cribbing and shims to ensure more accurate skid track levelling and track stands (built to specific customer requirements) allowing the gantry legs and track to be elevated in specific applications.

Protection for Synthetic Slings

Synthetic slings are often used in heavy lift projects. The now introduced new header beam and side shift sling guides provide a smooth path for the slings and protection from abrasion caused by rubbing on the header beam, or routing over hard edges of the side shifts.

With the increased capability of the hydraulic gantries, a new portable power distribution box has been introduced. It provides a consolidated connection from a single power source such as a generator, which in turn is used to power four gantry legs. This effectively extends the reach of the electrical supply where power access could be problematic.

Taken to the Next Level

“The new accessories are a significant enhancement to our hydraulic gantry range, says Pete Crisci, Product Line Director, Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology. “In particular, the side shift top swivel opens up the possibility of using Enerpac header beams and side shifts interchangeably with other header beams to achieve lifting configurations simply not possible with traditional gantry lifting systems.”

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